FREEFALL - vol one The Amalie Noether Chronicles

FREEFALL - vol one The Amalie Noether Chronicles


FREEFALL....The Amalie Noether Chronicles

Three hundred years in the future, Elle knows of course that she is from Earth and is traveling aboard the transport ship the Vera Rubin with her teammates and friends. Elle along with Achebe, Ashok, Jin-Hai and Micah are part of a team of 150 young colonists destined to make landfall on a new planet, Amalie Noether.

Elle easily recalls the excruciating anxiety of discovering at twelve that she was the youngest cadet assigned to Moonbase deep-space program. What she doesn't know is why.  Every child on Earth at the time was planned for, cared for because they were so few. And yet Elle was apparently abandoned and became a ward of the state. Why?  In spite of that shaky beginning - Elle works hard and is triumphant when chosen to be part of the most important space launch in Earths history.

Once launched, a new array of questions begins to haunt Elle. She notices subtle changes in some of her friends' behavior after they awaken from their sleep cycles. Many are merely groggy and slow moving. But some are becoming increasingly anxious and angry with each cycle they complete.  Elle  wonders if the drug that allows them to sleep-travel through the bulk of their journey could be at fault.  On a shuttle as small as the Rubin escalating tension and anger could be disastrous.  Yet Elle experiences no side effects at all. Why?

As the months pass Elle finds herself stretched to her limits as both a scientist and friend. She races to find answers before her new family self-destructs light years from home.


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