La La Land....did you see it?

One of the really neat things about La La Land is that it showcased two venerable old screenwriting tricks so nicely.

1) It told you exactly how the movie was going to end really early in the film - without really telling you. Remember the huge poster photo of Ingrid Bergman from Casablanca early in the film in the bedroom. You really don’t think it was there just to cover up a stain on the wall - DID you?

It was embedded clue as to where the film was going - it wasn’t really a romantic comedy - and it told you that write up front.

2) The second bit that is a very useful tool employed very nicely in the film was the use of conscious repetition - in this case it was a musical phrase - not a verbal one. The theme song that Gosling was noodling on the piano fairly often throughout the film changed subtly over time as the characters internal landscape changed. The final rendering of the musical theme was both nostalgic and bittersweet for what might have been between the two leads.

Lovely, lovely writing and a quite enjoyable movie.

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Jana Williams