Create a space that is all yours for writing - even if it's only a corner.

Writers need a place to focus, doodle and take risks with their creativity. I often create a place in my study that is current to the writing that is taking place at the time. ESPECIALLY if it is a long form project like a screenplay or novel.

Long format demands the ability of the writer to sit down and re-enter the world the left yesterday, last week or a year ago. A niche corner all your own can help you make the transition from the real world to your other world seamlessly. Like meditation, it takes practice but visual cues can help you leave housework, roommates and climate change far behind - and let you become completely absorbed in what you’re trying to create.

Take a minute and think about what visual cues you can give yourself to hasten the journey into the unknown. I searched Shutter stock for the images for my sequel to FREEFALL. But your source can be paper, photographs of your own, drawings or doodles.

Help yourself succeed by creating your own corner of your fictional world right inside your real world - kind of a parallel universe for yourself, if you will.

I hope this helps with your writing.