I want to start a novel, but I keep thinking I’m not stoked enough...

Who would you bet on, someone who had to be pushed into the ring or someone who walked in cool as a cucumber and set about the task at hand?  If you have a game plan for your story and have organized your writing schedule for your novel, then leap into the ring!

There is no time like the present – so the saying goes – to start your writing project. (Unless the present is crowded with work projects, personal appointments and social engagements.)  Give yourself the best chance at success by picking a time to start your project when you really DO have time or can make writing time happen.  Routinely – every day in fact – give yourself the time you need to succeed and find support to keep you going at sites like Unlock the Writer Within - Facebook.

Be realistic about how long it will take to complete a first draft. Everyone has heard stories of the writer or musician who started a project at the beginning of vacation and had it done before they packed for home. This is not the norm. This is a heavy expectation to put on yourself, especially if you’re not on vacation or you are a first-time writer or screenwriter.  Give yourself time to learn the craft and write a nuanced story.

 But then, once the time is right and you have signaled yourself that you are ready to begin… DO it. Start.  Tell your loved ones you are starting a project and that you will need to write a specific number of hours each week to implement your plan.  And then do it.  Get the support you need to not just start, but to continue to write until you get to the end. 

These seem to be simple things on paper – but modern life is chock-full of opportunities to skimp on your writing time. Do you want this?  If so, then push yourself to find the discipline to finish – only you can do this for yourself.

 I hope this helps with your writing!