What's so special about writing !

Really, what’s so special about writers? I hear good stories every day just listening to people at my local coffee bar!

Well, maybe I’m the wrong person to ask why writers are so special!  I mean I am biased.

And you’re right, I bet you do hear fabulous stories every day at your coffee house. I mean we all do, don’t we?  We both tell great stories to our friends and listen raptly as they tell stories back to us.  It’s so cool, the process.

And if you believe the original Aborigines of Australia we’ve been doing this as human beings for probably 60,000 years or more.  I also tell my students that human beings have story telling practically hard-wired into their DNA.  And that is a really important point for every writer on the planet to remember.

That hard wiring means that your audience inherently knows a good story from a bad one - it’s in their genetic coding.  So don’t try to bullshit your audience with a half-baked piece of storytelling pie that none of them will buy.  They’re too smart to be bamboozled.  They may not have the $10 words to tell you why a story isn’t compelling, but their radar surely spots a fake just as easily as… well, you would!

At the same time, don’t be discouraged at this news.  Just recognize that if your audience comes equipped with this fantastic array of biological story detectors - SO DO YOU.  Where writers get into trouble is when they get lazy.  Their bio detector is telling them what they just wrote is crap - and they waffleabout fixing it.  It’ll do, they say.  I can pass it off, they assure themselves.  No one will notice…. NOT SO.  Everyone will notice.  If you’re radar is telling you it needs fixing – fix it.  (After you’ve completed the first draft, mind you!).  Don’t wimp out on us, give us a story that really silences all that built in do-do radar.  That’s what we really want I movies. Movies that really make us sit up in our seats, and prick up our ears, and agonize over the fate of our heroine.

I hope that helps!   And I wish you good luck with your writing!