Freefall video 'teasers' VFX guy - Steven Kong

I was very lucky when I started my search for a Director for the Freefall video teasers. I encountered some great folks while pursuing my search - but a friend at work mentioned she knew a guy who did VFX professionally who might be interested.

There were a couple of hiccups setting a meeting - but Steven was on board as soon as he read the synopsis for Freefall. Once he learned of the Literacy connection he was sold and agreed to both Direct and Edit the teasers and apply his VFX knowledge to the project as well.  

I had worked in the film industry some years ago as a VFX coordinator and so I knew what an incredible 'deal' I was getting with Steven agreeing to participate.  If you've seen the first Freefall teaser - Elle's Transit Log in the star observatory.... you will have seen Steven's work. Here are 2 photos that show you the difference a VFX guy can make to a production!