Freefall 'teasers'...the making of five 60-second short films.

I knew if I loved my novel, Freefall  (and I do....) one of the best ways to get the word out was to create interesting publicity for it and for my website. I decided to create some video 'teasers' - six of them.

I didn't have a lot of money to hire actors, directors, lighting guys. Locations were going to be critical too. Where to film - especially a Sci-Fi teaser? One thing I did have was time, a lot of time, so I paced and paced and paced and walked myself through the bulk of my problems in my head.

I couldn't afford a glitzy location, with super-cool space age settings. But every opera house, art gallery or space ship has a 'backside' that's gritty and real. Backstage is where all the work actually takes place. Voila - I'd set my teasers and cast in the gritty underbelly of their transport ship, the Vera Rubin!  Once I figured that out... it was just a matter of looking for some gritty underbelly kind of stuff. It turns out it was right beneath my feet on the lowest floor of a multi-level car park.

I wrote the 'teaser' scripts, created spacesuits from one-piece zip up paint coveralls and turned my amateur actors loose really early one Sunday morning with a genuine VFX guy who wanted to direct!

I can't wait the show you the results !