Writing's dark side - copy editing

I know I should really go over my script to check for grammar and goofy things the computer spell check just won’t catch, but I hate this kind of stuff!

 I soooo totally know what you mean.  This is not my strong suit either!  I mean I love talking about structure and character arc and all that stuff - but when it comes to what I call housekeeping, I cringe!

I suppose this is as good a time as any to let people know that I draw the line at the kind of stuff in my critiques too.  I get paid to critique story elements, not correct spelling! Although, I will say things like - you need to consult a grammar book or punctuation guide, or some such thing if it’s really awful.

Fortunately, there are people in the world who actually love doing that kind of thing.  I have a good friend who loves punctuation and grammar and helping people clean up their sentence syntax. And a good copy EDITOR is worth every penny you pay her, or even more.  If this is not your first love - get someone on your team that does love it.

That’s because as much as you and I really dislike having to do this stuff, if it’s NOT done, it can really harm the overall first impression of your script.  Producers really want to find a great script - but most are tremendously busy and juggling 9,000 things and will toss a script in the can for any tiny reason. And a script littered with typos or spelling errors or a million grammatical faux pas’ is as good a reason as any to recycle the paper.

Don’t give them that reason when it is so easy (relatively speaking) to rob them of that excuse for not reading your script.  Do your housekeeping.  It makes you look professional, and caring and smart! So what if it’s really someone else you hired that cares that it’s right.  At least you had the good sense to play to someone else’s strengths and out- source the work.

I hope this helps. And I wish you good luck with your writing!