Jana Williams
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One of five daughters of a small-time con man I grew up watching the stars from the back window of the family sedan.

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This was because we were often sneaking out of town in the dead of night to avoid some schmuck my dad had just suckered. We girls told stories in the back seat until we fell asleep.


By the time I started school Dad had moved the family dozens of times.

I learned very quickly circumstances might change with the toss of a coin, but sisters and stars always remained the same.

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For a while I was a high-speed motion picture photographer at a parachute design and test facility.  

The job required a lot of flying and most often I stood at the edge of an open cargo bay door. Nothing compares to being alone on the tailgate of a plane at 25,000 feet and watching the moon rise at your feet below you.


I began to write, small things at first, such as quite bad poetry. I traveled a bit and eventually settled in a city by the sea.

I worked in bookstores and taught myself to read better books. This helped me to write better poetry, and then novels and finally screenplays.

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And then I discovered Science Fiction.

This opened the door to my discovering an utter love of the sciences - Geology, Biology, Botany and Astronomy. 

The stars began again to beckon.


Then I became a mother, and suddenly stories took on a whole new meaning for me.

I couldn't wait to introduce my child to the many worlds to be found in the books on our shelves.

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As I began to research the sciences of our planet Earth to better imagine another planet far, far away - I discovered the holistic structure of our universe.

Everywhere we looked with our telescopes and our rovers the same elemental building blocks appeared.

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From that moment a most wonderful thing began to happen. I fell in love all over again with the world in which I had been born. 

As I studied I came face-to-face with Earth’s beauty, its durability, and the possible uniqueness of this place we call home.


All this, simply because I could read.